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July 19, 2008

New Flat

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Moved into my new flat now, its very cold.  I have a heater within the aircon but I can’t figure out how to work it.

Still, i get really good views from the balcony  which when winter passes by should be great.


June 19, 2008

Moving Flat

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Hmm, seems to have been a fair while since i updated this blog, but hey ho, I’ve been a busy bunny!

I’m going to be moving out of my flat in the city and into the stix a bit much to the amazement of my mates out here who seem to think the city is the greatest place to live ever…ever. I am on the other hand prefer to see greenery and sky rather than other buildings so am off to mcmahons point north of the bridge.

Living in the city was wicked and meant I was always at the centre of thing which was great when i first got here, but i’m really looking forward to moving. Will be out of here on 5th July.

Perhaps the best thing about the flat is that it has a balcony which looks over an area of sydney called ‘ball head’!! 🙂

Can’t get the google map to embed properly, but click on the links below and you can see where it will be…on blues point road

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May 10, 2008

Foo Fighters

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I went to see the foos last week, trying to get some of Dave Grohls mojo. As you can imagine they were wicked, played for over 2 hours, very entertaining. As you can see from the pic, I perhaps didn’t have the best seats in the house but didn’t matter.

Been going to Melbourne a bit as well with work which is cool, very cosmopolitan and and wants to be like Sydney.

April 22, 2008

Birds in Australia

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People have been saying to me they want more pictures of australian birds on my site, so here they are!!

Seriously, they are cool. I play footy in one of the main parks in Sydney and there are always parrots, cockatoos and pelicans flying around. It is only a matter of time before I let a goal in whilst staring up into space.

April 12, 2008

Wall climbing – part deux

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I have found a new climbing partner, through the sydney gumtree. She’s cool – much better climber than me which is slightly embarassing but all good.

Whilst we were climbing we had our ups and downs but then i started to get a firm footing and made sure I did not go over the top. In fact I think I harnessed the situation quite well, and really got to grips with it. When she climbs I really look up to her. Although I was tired, I made sure that I didn’t hit the wall, she was like a rock to me. Hopefully we’ll be able to hang around some more. I just need to take one step at a time. Of course if it doesn’t work well I will let her down slowly. I hope there are no strings attached.

March 29, 2008

Bondi Beach Bum

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As you can see from the picture Autumn here is really taking its toll and we are having to get our winter clothes out. The beach is Bondi and is pretty cool, didn’t dig any holes this time though. As you can see all the Kangaroo steaks are no match for my raging inferno of a metabolism and I am still as skinny as a rake!!

I’m going to go diving again soon once I have sorted out some refresher course as I have completely forgotten everything about it.


March 19, 2008

Oh Dear

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Take a look at this beast I just found in my home – a very very large cockroach!!  It ran away before I could reason with it.  Probably going to get me tonight.  Think I’m going to go check in to a hotel.


March 18, 2008

Climbing the walls

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Found a climbing place round Sydney which is great.  Loads and loads of different climbs and things to go round and over.  My arms feel like they are about to fall off now but doesn’t matter – it’s all good.  I always say that I am going to end up going all the time but never really work out that way. Still, it’s good to know it’s there.

Dave – you would have loved it, probably another 50% higher than in shoreham and loads more crevices – highly recommended.


February 18, 2008

New Bike & Old Diseases

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I’ve got a new bike, ebay did me proud once again.

No idea what make it is because the person who had it before me was a fancy pants cyclist who had sponsorship so they repainted their frame with company bits and pieces (some company called Albertini).  All I know is that it has Campagnolo bits nailed to it everywhere (which is a good thing) so I am thinking that I got a good deal!


On a slightly less positive note, my body has decided to give me my usual gift when I move somewhere – Tonsilitis.  For those of you who got to see the great illness of 2004 or the even worse 2002 episode you will be pleased to hear this one is nowhere near as bad, but I have been off work and have had to miss two games of footy for two brand new footy teams which really p****** me off.  Still, I am sure I will live.

February 9, 2008


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I had my first surfing lesson yesteday at Manly beach, a short ferry ride from the opera house. Surfing is the most tiring sport I have ever done. The actual surfing part is fine, but the paddling of the board through 6 foot waves takes a LOT of effort.

I managed to get up a few times which I class as surfing, will definately go again – might even have to invest in a surf board, and a Ute to lug it around in.


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